Guide on How HIV Infection Spreads

March 23, 2011 by: admin

The HIVĀ  infection can be spread in three ways:

1. Direct contact with infected Blood
2. Sexual Intercourse
3. From an infected mother to her child.

1. Direct contact with infected Blood:

HIV spreads among peoples of illegal drugs which are injected. It happens when needle is infected with minimum quantity of blood of someone which is infected with HIV are shared.

Before blood screening and heat treatment, HIV was transmitted via transfusion of infected blood or blood components. Today with the helps of treatment the risk of HIV infection is extremely small.

Also it is spread from the patient to the health care worker with contaminated niddles or other instrument but it is rare.

2. Sexual Intercourse:

Most commonly the HIV spread through the sexual contacts with HIV infected partner. The HIV virus can be enter through the lining of penis, vagina, rectum.

An oral sex, anal sex and sexual intercourse , these sexual activities may be result in the HIV infection.

3. From an infected mother to her Child:

A pregnant woman can be transmit the HIV to their child during the pregnancy. If a pregnant women can take anti HIV drug AZT during her pregnancy , which helps to reduce the risk of HIV infection to her child.

With longer delivery times, the risk of HIV transmission may be increases. But now this risk can be reduced by delivering the child with cesarean section. The cesarean section is the surgical procedure, with this procedure the baby can be delivered through an incision in the pregnant woman’s uterus and abdominal wall.

The combination of AZT and cesarean delivery may helps to reduce the HIV infection rate between 1% to 2 %.


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