Symptoms of HIV Infection in Men and Women

May 22, 2011 by: admin

AIDS is physically transmitted disease which is caused due to HIV. When the HIV enters in our body , firstly it attack on the immune system, to destroy the lymphocytes, it attacks on the lymph glands and later it causes the various infections and finally it results in AIDS. There is also some early symptoms of  HIV infections such as common flu symptoms and this infection goes in the symptomless stage. Here i mention some of the common symptoms of HIV infections in men as well as in women.

- Fever and Headache
- Diarrhea accompanied by some other symptoms like swollen glands, fever etc.
- Feeling lethargic and lack of energy due to loss in white blood cells
- Rash and flaking
- Weight loss without trying
- Swollen glands

- Several Infections in Private Parts.
- Fast weight loss without trying
- Fatigue
- Pelvic inflammatory disease
- Fever including night sweats
- Decreased diarrhea and appetite
- Swollen glands in the underarm area, neck
- Pap smears which indicates some abnormal changes
- Recurrent yeast infection at private parts.
- Abnormal blemishes in the mouth.
- Ulcers.


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