Guide on Natural Remedies for Asthma

June 18, 2011 by: admin

Asthma is very common disease and it affects on the bronchial and trachea tubes. It is very common in young adults and children. There are two types of asthma i.e allergic and non allergic asthma. It is essential to choose natural remedies for asthma which can treat the all symptoms of asthma and also it provides long relief. Here i mention some home remedies which helps you for treating asthma

- Honey is one of the best natural home remedies for treating asthma. Daily take one tablespoon of honey into warm water or tea, it helps you to decrease the symptoms of asthma. During the asthma attack, smelling of honey can stop the asthma attack. The natural enzymes which works with your immune system for decreasing the swelling of the airway and help you to take breathing in normal way.

- Drink ginger tea with mixed garlic for two times in a day. It is an excellent home remedies for asthma. This home remedy gives you long lasting relief.

- During an asthma attack, rub mustard oil which is mixed with camphor on the chest of the asthma patient. This helps you for reducing the inflammation in the airways and also console the irritation which has been occurred.

- Drinking hot coffee or tea also helps you during asthma attack. The steam of coffee or tea helps you to open your airways and the caffeine reduces the histamine while tea console the bronchial lining.

- Omega 3 fatty acids is also long term natural home remedies and it helps you to reduce the inflammation in the body and also prevents the future asthma attacks.


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