Most Common Signs of Worsening Asthma

April 8, 2011 by: admin

It is the chronic condition of the inflammation in your lungs airways.Most common triggers of the asthma attacks are smoke, allergies, upper airways infections. Now a days the medicines are available for treating the acute asthma symptoms and also preventing aggravations.

A person with asthma exacerbation should have respiratory distress with cough and rapid breathing. The patient with worsening asthma contains marked retractions that is rapid breathing and to bring more oxygen the tugging in the chest and abdominal muscles may takes place. The children’s have paradoxical breathing which is sign of worsening asthma and the children’s experience paradoxical type of breathing¬† when then walls of the chest moves inside during inspiration and moves outside during expiration.

The decrease in the respiratory sounds is the serious sign of the worsening asthma. In asthma the airways may be constricted by chronic inflammation. The patient take continuous breath through the narrowed airways and thus it creates sound which is called as wheezing. The airways becomes  dangerous when asthma becomes worse in condition and for causing wheezing, their is no enough movement of the airways in patient chest.

The patient start to demonstrate the mental status changes is another sign of the worsening asthma which includes agitation, confusion, irritability, stupor etc. When asthma becomes worse the patient should display hallucinations and altered perceptions which gradually loses the consciousness. Also their is decrease in the oxygen which is delivered to the brain.

The cyanosis ( bluish ting of skin) is also the sign of the worsening asthma which causes due to decrease in oxygen which is delivered to the body form the heart. The blood which is pumped through the heart circulates minimum amount of oxygen than usual and the low oxygen blood may be turn into bluish color tissues.


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