How Yoga Helps to Cure Lower Back Pain

March 31, 2011 by: admin

The practice of regular yoga, help you to relieve your back pain. It also increases your flexibility and strength of the back muscles. It helps you to improve your posture. You can start yoga classes with a good instructor who can help you to avoid the injury and also perform the correct positions.

On the regular practice of yoga help you  for strengthen your abdominal and back muscles and gives you better ability for holding spine up correctly. Due to strengthen of muscles , you can prevent your repeated back pain. The yoga poses are able to proper alignment of your body and supports a natural curve for spine. It also increase the flexibility of muscles which allows you for wider range of motion from your hips and legs and protects your form the injury.

It helps you to becomes relax and stress free. On the regular practice , it increases the flow of blood to your muscles via stretching.  The increased blood flow helps you for brings more nutrients for your muscles , relieving from chronic pain and also keeps healthy to your back.

First of all start yoga with very gentle poses which helps you from injury. Remember that before starting of yoga or any new exercise, confer with your doctor.


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