Guide on Blood Cancer and its Symptoms

April 8, 2011 by: admin

Blood cancer is the cancer of blood which is characterized by abnormal reproduction of the cells which is present in the blood. It is more common in adults than children. In this type of cancer the bone marrow is damages. Thus it resulted in lack of blood platelets which are essential for the blood clotting process.

There are three different types of blood cancers i.e Lymphoma , Leukemia and Multile Myeloma. The Lymphoma is malignancy of the tumors of lymph system. The Leukemia is refers to malignant of the cells which is present in the blood. And Myeloma refers to malignant of the plasma cells which is present in bone marrow which produces antibodies.

Symptoms of Blood Cancer:

–> Feel pain in back, bone and abdominal
–> Enlargement of lymph node
–> Extreme Loss in Weight
–> Bleeding Gums
–> Headache
–> Anorexia
–> Fever
–> Vomiting sensations
–> Distension of lumps due to enlargement of abdominal organs
–> Breathlessness, Weakness, Malaise and Fatigue
–> Bone fractures due to minimal body strain
–> Difficulty while urinating and decrease in urination


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