Guide To Maintain Your Cholesterol Level

March 1, 2011 by: admin

Cholesterol is an important component of our health.It consist of good HDL and bad LDL . Through the blood stream these cholesterol carries the excess of cholesterol towards our liver.The normal level of cholesterol is 200mg (i.e HDL is 60mg or above and LDL is 70mg or less). The following tips may useful for maintaining the level of cholesterol.

1. Do physical activities i.e exercise which increases the HDL by 5 percent. The exercise which is divided into two or three parts , these are helpful for our health.Do those type of physical activities such as housework , gardening which keep you still moving.

2. To maintain healthy HDL you should need to eat health diet. Include some fat on your diet which helps to improve the level of HDL. The good source of fats are olive oil , nuts, fish oil etc.

3. If your are smoker, you should need to stop smoking. It affects on the level of HDL. It causes harmful chemical changes into HDL, thus it increase by 10 percent.


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