Herbs for Lowering Cholesterol Level

April 12, 2011 by: admin

With the help of nutrients and cholesterol lowering herbs, you can reduce or lower your cholesterol level naturally. It is essential to maintain the cholesterol level of the body which is helpful for preventing you from the heart disease. In our body the 75% of cholesterol is produced by the liver, so a cholesterol diet is essential for maintaining the cholesterol level.

The garlic is also helpful for reducing the cholesterol level, it also helpful for the strength of the immune system and also it work as antibiotic that kill harmful bacteria and also fights infection from the body. It also helpful for reducing high blood pressure and it is powerful cancer fighter.

Green Tea:
This herb rises the HDL as well as reduces the LDL cholesterol levels. It also has may health benefits such as it protect form the respiratory and digestive infections. It is helpful for preventing heart disease.

This herb is used in many curry dishes, it contains curcumin which is helpful for lowering LDL level and also it improves the circulation of the blood.

Red Yeast Rice:
This herb is available as the standalone cholesterol supplement.IT reduces cholesterol level with lowering the production of the new cholesterol in the body. Remember that this herb is not useful for persons who have kidney disease, liver disease and also those who have had organ transplants.

It is also helps you for reducing cholesterol level. Form the duble-blind trials, the 10 gm of psyllium helps you for 5% lowering cholesterol level and 9% of LDL cholesterol level. For lowering cholesterol level, you should need to add at least 10gms of psyllium in your diet for whole day.


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