Natural Ways to Lower your Cholesterol

February 10, 2011 by: admin

To promote overall health you should need to lower your cholesterol which is most imperative things. To lower your high cholesterol we suggest some things which helps you in better way.

Get an Exercise Buddy:
For healthy lifestyle a friend to learn , encouragement and motivation are most useful. To lower your cholesterol you need to support and encourage each other , sometimes try new types of physical activities which helps pumping of heart and keeps down your cholesterol levels.

Take Fiber:
For lowering your cholesterol this is simple tip , you should need to take more fibers in your diet . Not all the fibers work in the same way , so you can take fibers like Psyllium , Metamucil because it makes a thick gel that helps to remove bile acids , waste in gut and some cholesterol.Mainly it helps to lower total LDL cholesterol.

Add DHA (DocosaHexaenoic Acid):
It is polyunsturated fatty acid.Some of the popular sources of DHA are sardines , salmon , fish oil etc , if you don’t like fish then try some vegetarian supplements which is made from DHA.For proper heart functions and lowering levels of LDL cholesterol daily intake of DHA must be required. It helps you to raise the level of  HDL cholesterol.

Be Careful about Hidden Sugar and Fats:
To know ingredients you should need to read nutrition labels , these ingredients may increases your weight which can results increase in cholesterol level. So stay away from  those food which contains high levels of cholesterol , saturated fat and hidden sugar such as some dextrins , high fructose corn syrup.

Increase in Daily Activities:
For this wear a pedometer and calculate how many extras activities you have done in one day . For better health increase you physical activities such as walking , easy types of exercise which helps to lower your cholestrol.


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