The Symptoms of Low Cholesterol

February 21, 2011 by: admin

Generally low cholesterol level decrease the risk of artery disease and heart attacks. But the cholesterol level is too low then it to risky for your health. The cholesterol level less than 160mg/dL is debated as a too low cholesterol.

The cholesterol is the component which uses in production of essential harmones such as aldosterone , cortisol , sex hormones etc. It also used in the diggestive system , it breaks down the fats and makes it more digestible.


Low Cholesterol increases:
1.The risk of cancers, specifically the low LDL cholesterol levels may increases the risk of hematopoietic and lung cancer.
2.The rates of anxiety in both men and women.
3.The risk of depression.
4.The risk of giving premature birth in pregnant women.
5.The risk of sucidal behavior of both man and women.


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