Eat Almond and Prevent Diabetes

May 21, 2011 by: admin

Actually almond is a seed of fruit and have high nutritional value. Almond play an essential role in taming the sugar level of our body. Mainly their are three different types of diabetes i.e type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes.The type 1 diabetes are most common in children while the the type 2 diabetes in adults ,  it affects in adults due to short response of the body to insulin and also decrease in production of the insulin. And the gestational diabetes occurs due to increase in the glucose level and it is most common in pregnant women.

- Alomnd is rich in fiber, vitamins such as B complex vitamin and vitamin E and also it contains minerals like potassium, selenium, iron, zinc, calcium etc. In other words the almond is good source of mono-unstaurated fat which increases the cholesterol level in body.

- People who make their diet by including almond, who have lower risk to develop diabetes and cardiovascular disease. From the study it clears that the almonds helps to control the diabetes and heart disease.

- Almonds are essential to maintain the blood glucose level in the body and also activate the metabolism of the fats. It also helpful to tackle high blood pressure level.

- It is essential for stimulating insulin sensitivity in the diabetics and also it is helpful to treat person who is in pre-diabetic condition.

- It has ability to control the sudden rise in the sugar level after meals. It helpful for maintaining the blood sugar levels by reducing the GI of the meal.


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