Guide to Keep Diabetes Under Control with Natural Cures

April 1, 2011 by: admin

Diabetes is a disease which affects the way the body utilizes blood sugar. Diabetes had several forma .e type 1, type 2 and gestational which includes having more glucose in the blood. The type 2 and gestational diabetes treated with lifestyle changes and diet while type 1 diabetes treated with  insulin injections which helps you for restoring normal level of blood sugar. It can be result in serious health problems.

–> Set naturalistic weight-loss programs , it will be help you to feel better. The small weight loss helps you to lower glucose level of blood , cholesterol level and blood pressure.

–> Do physical activity for at least 30 mins. You should need to increase your physical activity level which helps you to lower the blood glucose levels. Also it is aids in weight loss , burns your body fat and decreases your stress.

–> Set a diet which is aid with sugar control and weight maintenance . Discuss with your doctor for choosing perfect diet plan, docter told you how many carbohydrate require for whole day and also divide it into three meals for you.

–> Choose those food which are good for managing your diabetes. Whole grains, vegetables and fruits are good for starches while fish, poultry, nuts and lean meat are best for protein. The onion and garlic also help you to reduce blood sugar level.

–> There are some of best natural cures for lowering glucose level in the blood.
Gooseberry:  It helps to stimulate the pancreas which causes to produce more insulin.
Kino:  It helps you for regenerating the beta cells.
Chromium:  It helps properly to the body’s cells which respond to insulin.
Zinc:  It is able to produce and store more insulin. The zinc id found in many natural foods such as egg yolk, almonds, chicken, ginger root and many more.
Magnesium: It helps you to regulate the blood glucose level.


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