Guide on Abscessed Tooth and its Symptoms

May 5, 2011 by: admin

The painful infection at the root of your teeth is called as abscessed tooth. It causes due to tooth decay. The abscessed tooth causes the opening in the enamel of the tooth, due to this bacterial infection causes in the center of the teeth and also it is spread towards the bone which is supported to your teeth.


- Fever
- Feeling pain when chewing.
- Swelling of your jaw.
- A gumboil which looks like pimple, on the tongue side of the gum close to the teeth.
- Red and swollen of face on one side
- Swelling and Redness of your gums.
- Salty taste in your mouth.

If the infection is spreads , the bone which is attached to your teeth starts to dissolve. In the result of infection, When the root of tooth is dies then the toothpain may be stop but the infection remains active and it spread continous and destroy the tissues.


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