Guide on Home Remedies for Cold Sores

July 2, 2011 by: admin

Cold sores are painful and fluid filled blister which occurs on the lips. It is causes due to simplex virus and generally it clears in seven to ten days. There are many home remedies which can helps to the healing process of the blisters and also these home remedies give relief form the burning and stinging sensation of the blisters.

- Put a bit of salt on your blister. This home remedy gives pain for about 2mins but it has been worked for lots of people. The salt will absorb the moisture of your blister and helps you to quickly dry up the blister which you have.

- Garlic give you relief from the burning of the blisters. Cut the garlic clove and put the raw end of the garlic on the blisters that you have. Also you can take a couple of garlic capsule for everyday, this helps you to speed up the healing process.

- Take few ice cubes and cover these cubes with plastic bag and put it on blisters. This home remedy helps you to reduce irritation of the blister.

- Also you can try some other home remedies such as you can apply an aleo vera gel, which is helpful for reducing the pain and redness of the blister. Also you can apply the lemon balm, it helps you to faster healing of the blister due to its antivirus properties. The nail polish remover also works better on the blisters. Apply it over the blisters which helps you to dry up the blister.


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