Guide on Home Remedies for Thrush

June 17, 2011 by: admin

Thrush is common fungal infection which occurs in mouth due to change in the balance of bacteria and yeast. The fungus is also known as candida. It also can spread to the various parts of our body. People may faces this problem who have an impaired immune system. The thrush infection is very painful.There are various home remedies available for treating it at home. Here i mention some home remedies with natural ingredients.

Salt water:
Take one glass of water and add half tablespoon of salt to it. Rinse your mouth with this water . It is very helpful for preventing growth of the thrush in mouth.

Eat sugar free yogurt. It is very effective for both adults and children.

Tea tree Oil:
Mix a little amount of tea tree oil with olive or coconut oil then apply it on affected area. This home remedy works better in adults.

Use garlic while cooking your food. It is helpful for preventing the growth of the thrush.

Apple cider vinegar:
It is also effective for getting rid of thrush. Apply the apply cider vinegar on the affected area.


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