Guide to Treat Tongue Swollen with Home Remedies

March 27, 2011 by: admin

For swollen of the tongue, medications and allergies are most common reasons. Due to tongue swollen, the patient should face tongue infection, tumor, hypothyroidism etc disease. These disease quite inconvenient and frustrating for the patient. To treat tongue swollen, there are many home remedies are available which is mention as below:

Take ice fragment and put it in your mouth, the freezing temperature of the ice helps you to decrease the swollen of your tongue.

Celery Sticks:
For releifing your tongue, it is very useful. Because the celery has more quantity of water in it which is helpful for stimulating the salivary glands and make relax to your tongue.


Use the mixture of half spoon of turmeric paste and glass of water for rinsing your mouth and rinse it for two times in day. By rinsing your mouth With this mixture, you can get releif from swelling and inflammation of the tongue.

Eat soft foods which is essential for relaxing your tongue. So eat semi-solid foods such as butter, lots of gravy, soups, stew, broths, yoghurt. And avoid salty foods which triggers the production of saliva.

Fennel Seeds:
The mixture of fennel seed and aniseeds is used for mouthwash , which helps you for relaxing your tongue, removing the breath and for stimulating the salivary glands.


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