Steps For Applying Mascara

July 6, 2011 by: admin

Mascara is a very effective tool of your eye makeup. Mascara is most popular beauty product which brings color to your eyelashes and highlights your eyes.It is available in the market with different shades and qualities. You should need to choose the perfect shade of mascara which matches to the color of your eyelash. There are also many varieties of mascara such as lengthening, conditioning, long-wearing, thickening  etc. Waterproof mascara is also available in the market which is the best option for wearing in rainy days. If you have thin eyelashes then choose thickening mascara, if you have short lashes then choose lengthening mascara and if you want the mascara to last you through the whole day then choose wearing mascara. Here i mention some cosmetic tips to apply mascara.

- Before applying mascara, use an eyelash comb for separating your clumped eyelashes. while applying mascara first of all place the mascara wand at the root of your eyelashes then slowly tug the wand up to the end of lashes. Gently clashing the wand back and forth for separating the eyelashes.

- Take eyelash comb, place the comb at the root of your eyelash then slowly pull up through the eyelashes. Do this before the mascara becomes dry. Remember that don’t blink your eyes till the mascara dries up.

- Hold the mascara wand in vertical direction and apply lightly on your lower eyelashes. Also use eyelash comb for separating the wet lashes.

- Take cotton swab which is dipped in small amount of eye makeup remover and place it on the top of smudge and slowly rotate in the place until it disappears.


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