Treat Asthma with Fish Oil

July 19, 2011 by: admin

Asthma is leading disease which affects and contracts the lungs, larynx and pharynx of the respiratory system.  From the cell membranes which fills with respiratory tract, lungs start to secret mucous, thus it causes cough, cold and makes it hard to breathe. Fish oil is highest source of omega-3 anf 6 fatty acids and also it has anti-inflammatory properties which is essential for healthy diet. Docosahexaenoic  and Eicosapentaenoic Acids are the main constituents of the fish oil and it is used in your body for producing and repairing new cells.

- For an asthma treatment there are various types of oily fishes such as mullet, orange roughy, hoki, mackerel, atlantic salmon, sardines etc.

- From the research the fish oil helpful for reducing the symptoms of the lung inflammation in asthma patients.  Daily intake of fish oil helps you to prevents ans asthma attack with reducing the constriction of bronchi-oles.

- Not only the fatty acids may play a vital role in preventing an asthma attack but there are also some other component which are the major fighters of the asthma. If you have allergy of fish eating, choose option of fish oil capsules.

- Consume grilled or broiled fish which is best for your health. Avoid fried fish because it can take away their nutrients. Fish oil is completely natural treatment for asthma so you can take it regular with no side effects.


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