How to Increase Your IQ

July 16, 2011 by: admin

Intelligence Quotient is the combination of the brain power and mental speed. IQ calculates the intellectual capability of the person. If your body is fouled with alcohol or drugs, your IQ is also affected . It means that the alcohol or drugs may directly affect on the neurons which is present in your brain and it damages the mental function of your body. So here i mention some tips which is helpful for increasing your IQ:

- Solve mathematics problems like permutation, probability, distance-time problems, allegations etc which improves your mental ability. Problems solving and data interpretation helps you to improve your analytical skills and also it enhances your IQ level and power skills.

- Don’t eat junk food, because on regular consumption  it may damages the brain cells. Consume those food which are high in vitamins such as green vegetables, walnuts, citrus fruits etc. It enhances your physical activity and also improves your mental concentration power.

- Play the games like basket ball, tennis, badminton, table tennis which helps you to induces your metal sharpness and acuteness. While playing such games increases your blood flow to the brain which helps you to improve your concentration. Also you can play chess game which also improves your IQ level.

- Try to infuse the habit of reading the challenging books which helps you to increase your knowledge. Also you can read good novels, while reading verbal passages in novel help you to improve your vocabulary and also work power.

- Try to solve some crossword puzzle and also rubik’s cube which  increases your IQ level. solving the crossword puzzles helps you to maintain your concentration and short- term memory power. The studies reveal that, solving crosswords games and rubik’s cube helps you to get new cells and it keeps neutron alive for longer time in your body. Thus it increases your IQ level and also improves your GK.


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