Guide on How to Maintain Good Oral Health

July 13, 2011 by: admin

For maintaining good oral health, you should need to keep your teeth away from cavities and also keep your gums away from diseases. The poor oral health not only affects on your mouth but other areas of your body. To prevent the build-up of plaque is the main purpose of our oral health which is responsible for bad breath. Some of the other bacteria which is present in the plaque forms the toxins which causes the gum disease. From the latest research it clarifies that their is connection between  poor oral health and systemic disease like heart disease, diabetes. So it is essential to maintain health of your teeth and mouth.

- To maintain good oral health, you should need to visit dentist after every 4 to 6 months. From your teeth dentist removes all collected stains and calculus and gives white glow to your teeth. Due to this the your teeth should be prevented form the tooth decay.

- Brush your teeth at least two times in a day, in morning and before going on bed. Use soft and zigzag bristles tooth brush , it does not hurt your gums. Brush your teeth  in circular motion and be gentle while brushing. And use tongue scarper for cleaning your tongue.

- Use mouthwash which contains zinc ions because such mouthwash neutralizes the effect of bacteria which produces sulfide compounds. Don’t use the alcohol containing mouthwash.

- For preventing bad breath, chew peppermint. Avoid smoking and caffeine products which is responsible for teeth staining. Instead of coffee drink black or green tea, it is good for your oral health.

- Rub baking soda on your teeth at least once in a week. The baking soda is good whitening agent thus it helps you to remove the yellow stain from your teeth. Brush your teeth after rubbing baking soda.

- After your meals, remember to gargle with plain water.It is helpful for removing the food particles. Maintain your dehydration level of your body by drinking plenty of water. Because stomach disorders also lead to the oral problems.


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