Herbs for Maintaining Healthy Eyes

July 12, 2011 by: admin

Eye care is important for maintaining the health of our eyes. Eyes are most essential organ of our body but many people neglect the importance of the eye care , they do not pay right attention towards their eyes. There are many eye diseases which can be prevented with healthy diet. Consuming lots of vitamin E, C , A , selenium and some quantity of zinc helps you to prevent your eyes from many diseases. Here i mention some helpful herbs for an eye care:

- Parsley:
The juice of parsley is essential for eye care and it is helpful for relieving the eye problems such as weak eyes, corneal ulcers, conjunctivitis, cataracts, slowness of the pupils etc.

- Carrot:
Carrot contains beta-carotene which is forms vitamin A in our body and the vitamin A is essential for strengthening the eyes and also prevent them from night blindness.

- Aniseed:
It is beneficial for treating cataract. Take one tbs of the aniseed powder in every morning and evening.

- Indian Sorrel:
It has lots of outstanding properties which is helpful for treating lots of eye problems. For keeping your eyes free from the strain, drop the few drops of juice of Indian sorrel leaves in your eyes.

- Coriander:
It can be used as an eye wash. It is helpful for reducing redness, burning and swelling of your eyes.

- Babul:
Make a paste of babul leaves and apply it on your eyes before going on bed. It reduces the wateriness, reddishness and itchiness of your eyes.


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