Causes Of Mood Swings in Women

July 22, 2011 by: admin

It is mood disorder and is most common in women than men. In women it is described by the varies expression of several emotions in a short period of time. For e.g. a women can be frustrated then angry, happy then depresses suddenly without any reason. And it is vary from one women to another. If it gets severe , it may causes some other psychological disorders and problems. Here i mention the main causes of mood swings in women:

Chemical Imbalance:
The neurotransmitters is the chemical which is released by the brain and it is responsible for several emotions like fear, happiness and depression. If there is imbalance of chemicals like, dopamine, serotonin and gaba it may result in mood disorders.

The major causes of the mood swings in women is imbalance of hormones. The changes in hormones is occur before or during the menstrual period and also after or during pregnancy. Mood disorders also associated with Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) so most of the wmones may experience mood swings during that time.

Family and work related stress in females results in depression. And this stress is causes due to several problems like failed in relationship, emotional problems, single parenthood, martial problems . All of these problems are subscribes to the mood swings.

Also mood swings may causes due to unhealthy habits like taking drugs, drinking, smoking , consuming junk food, deficiency of exercise etc. It can be a symptom of the various mental and physical illness.


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