Guide on Effects of Alcohol on Diabetes

May 24, 2011 by: admin

For healthy growth of our body, the blood sugar is very important. It is made from the nutrients in which our body consumes. There are very dangerous effects of drinking alcohol on your blood glucose level. Drinking alcohol on empty stomach is one of the major cause of lowering blood glucose level. It is more dangerous , because as compared to glucose the alcohol remains in the blood for longer time.

-  Drinking alcohol can causes hypoglycemia and also causes the decrease in the blood glucose level of your body.

-  Alcohol when mix in your blood stream can causes the nerve damage. And the nerve damage causes terrible pain in various areas of your body.

-  In the formation of glucose the liver plays and important role in our body so consuming alcohol  for diabetic patient can causes balks in the formation of glucose and also it affects on the proper functioning of the liver.

-  Consuming alcohol can causes weight gain because it adds an empty calories in your diet. You can manage your diabetes more easily with your healthy weight.

-  Due to consuming alcohol, the liver fails to circulate the insulin to the many other parts of the body and thus their is decrease in blood sugar level should be takes place.

-  It also causes many eye complications and also the diabetic patient may suffer from the temporary blindness.


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