Burn Your Belly Fat with These Foods

July 30, 2011 by: admin

Now a days it is most common problem which may faces lots of people through the world. And people are looking for the a diet plan which works better for weight loss. There are several ways to reduce your belly fat. Here i mention some of the best food which are essential for burn your belly fat.

Nuts are the good source of the fatty acids and it may play an important role in reducing your belly fat. If you eat nuts regularly it should helpful for you in reducing your belly fat. Nuts  contains high amount of protein and carbohydrates and thus it makes you to feel full for longer time.

Whey Protein:
It is rich in amino acids. Add two table spoon of whey protein in one glass of water and drink it. It is one of the easy and best way to reduce excess body fat.

It is a good source of fiber and also contains in sufficient amount of protein and carbohydrates. Start your day by eating oatmeal in your breakfast which provides enough energy .

Eggs are high in biotin which helps you to assist your body in transferring and processing fats. As compared to the other food, eggs contains high amount of proteins. This is best food to burn belly fat .

Green Tea:
Replace your regular tea with green tea. The ECGC is present in the green tea helps you to stimulates the nervous system and brain. Thus it increases the flow of the blood and finally it promotes the fat burning process.

Lean meats:
Lean meats such as fish and chicken , they are rich in protein and less in carbohydrates. Especially tuna fish is best for burning belly fat because it contains essential fatty acids.

Green Vegetables:
You must include green vegetables in your diet plan. Green vegetables are rich in fiber and it is best ingredient to lose your belly fat. https://homemfarmacia.pt/comprar-kamagra-oral-jelly-portugal/


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