How to Get a Glowing and Healthy Skin

October 21, 2011 by: admin

Skin is more sensitive so it requires some extra care. The daily lifestyle of everyone has been changed so our skin loses it’s natural glow due to stress, pollution, food etc. Now a days for skin care so many people may be attracted towards the cosmetics which may mixed with lots of chemicals and these cosmetics gives temporary glow to skin. Here i mention some tips for increasing the glow of skin and for getting glowing skin try some natural products which is always perfect for our skin.

- Due to  imbalance of vitamins,  our skin causes pigmentation, black and whiteheads, pale skin. For this vitamin B1, A, B2, E is good for skin. So consume those foods which are high in these vitamins such as green vegetables, dry fruits, milk products, meat etc.

- An appearance of  white and black heads, our skin may be looks dull. To remove the dead cells and blackheads apply an oatmeal powder. It is best solution for removing dead cells and blackheads. So apply an oatmeal powder for two times in a week

- Before going to bed, rub a cube of ice on your skin for 10-15 mins. It helps you to increases the blood circulation and also makes your skin energetic.Do some facial exercise which helps you to tones your skin and it also prevents aging.

- For shiny and healthy skin apply banana, tomato juice and also papaya . Also apply the powder of black chana dal it helps to clears the pimples of your skin and also makes baby soft skin.


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