Guide on Effects of Caffeine on Human Body

August 1, 2011 by: admin

Caffeine is used as a stimulant in all over the world. Most the of the people doesn’t start their day without drinking it. The sources of caffeine are chocolates, coffee, cocoa, tea, cold drinks, energy drinks etc.

How it works on Body:

When you consume caffeine, first of all it is absorbed by the blood stream and it stimulates the cardiovascular and nervous systems. It also affects on the brain in such a way that our brains becomes more active. It  increases the blood flow, rate of metabolism, heart rate and respiratory rate. If you consume caffeine before going to bed it affects on the your sleep pattern.

Side Effects:

The effect of caffeine is depends on the age, height, gender, weight of the persons,  it is not same in all individuals.

- Caffeine is responsible for increase in the blood pressure.

- From the bones, caffeine takes out calcium and thus it results in poor bone health. In some cases it also increases the risk of osteoporosis.

- Caffeine is addictive. If your are regular with consuming caffeine and after some days or time of you stop it. Your may experience some symptoms like depression, kopen cialis zonder recept headache, poor concentration and fatigue.

- It is responsible for slight increase in the blood sugar level which resulting in the higher energy. But after some time this results in low blood sugar levels and thus your body feels fatigued.

If you consume caffeine 300mg per day, it will not result in any type of side effects.


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