Procedure for HIV Detection

February 14, 2011 by: admin

AIDS is late stage of infection with the human imuno deficiency virus. It is 100% fatal disease because medical science fail to find out any curative measures against AIDS. It is a pandemic disease spreading rapidly in all parts.

The solid phase of antigen is taken in ELISA wells. The serum of the patient which contains antibodies against HIV is added on solid phase. It is incubated at 37 degree celsius. Therefore primary Antigen antibody complex is formed. Excess of antibodies are washed by buffer solution.

Now the enzyme antibody conjugate (E) is added.This react with primary Ag – Ab complex to form a secondary Ag – Ab(E) complex. The excess conjugate (E) is washed again by buffer solution. This antegen Ag – Ab(E) complex is linked with an enzyme called peroxidase.

Then the substrate to this complex is added and incubated at 37 degree c. The substrate is chromatogen.The enzyme peroxidase reacts with chromatogen to produce colour. The reaction is arrested by sulphuric acid and reading is taken with ELISA reader for many reaction and these readings are compared with standard readings.

A purple or violet colour indicates +ve ELISA and the person is considered as HIV +ve , if no colour it indicates HIV -ve.


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