Guide on How to Prevent an Asthma Attack

July 7, 2011 by: admin

When respiratory airways becomes swollen and inflamed, asthma attack occurs. During the asthma attack the respiratory muscles becomes tighten and mucous secreting also increases. Due to difficulty in breathing, the asthma attack may quickly turn into the life-dangerous situation. During the asthma attack patient feel loss of ability to breath and control. Here i mention few tips to prevent an asthma attack.

- Avoid the triggers which initiate an asthma attack by identifying them. Some of the common triggers may include pests, mold, dust mites, cigarette, pets etc.

- Understand the signs which is helpful for preventing an asthma attack from worsening. Always keep inhaler with you.

- In the home environment, clean the airborne pathogens by using the sir purifier in your home. It will also reduces the risk of asthma attack.

- Take one – two tablespoon of honey for two times in a day.It will help you to take breath easily and deeply.

- Avoid cold weather, a sudden cold air may causes asthma femara pris attack. Also an asthma attack prevented by taking medication daily .

- Take juice of fresh lemon with every meals. It is beneficial for preventing an asthma attack.


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