How an Asthma Attack affects Human Body

March 29, 2011 by: admin

Asthma is the disease of the lungs which makes difficulty in breathing. The attack of asthma is a sharp change in symptoms of the asthma which disturbs your regular routine and requires some extra medication for the improvement which makes you normal for breathing. When your asthma becomes worse, you may experiences asthma attacks. During the attacks, the primary changes are takes place in the lungs which makes smaller airways.

When your airways becomes more inflamed and irritated, the cells produced lots of mucus. This mucus added in the narrowing of the airways which makes more difficult for breathing.

A person who has asthma faces inflamed airways which are more sensitive to thorns. It becomes more inflamed in response to asthma triggers.

As the airways becomes more smaller, so breathing becomes more hard. It can result in the wheezing which is coming from the airways and also results in coughing.

Tightening of Muscles:
The muscles which is present around the airways becomes tighten and may be contracted when airways react with asthma triggers. Due to tightening of muscles, the airways becomes more smaller which results in the very less oxygen reaches towards the lungs. It also causes the additional swelling of walls of the airways.

Due to increasing difficulty in the breathing, you feel tightness in your chest which is develop during the attack.

Thus a serious asthma attack makes a condition which stops the breathing. And it can be  lead into sudden death.


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