Treatment for Asthma Attack

February 8, 2011 by: admin

The treatment for Asthma may involes learn to recognize your triggers and tracking your breathing . Asthma medcines are helps you to keep symptoms under control.Basically there are two types of medication i.e one is Quick Relif Asthma Medicines and other is Preventive Asthma Medicines.

Quick Relief Asthma Medicines:
This type of treatment may useful for children when she/he has symptoms of asthma such as wheezing , coughing. It is given with an inhaler or nebulizer and provide some relief to children.
Quick Relif Asthma Medicines may include medicines such as Terbutaline , pirbuterol , Atrovent , Levaluterol and Albuterol-Ventolin , Accuneb , Proventil , Albuterol . When children has an asthma attack then oral steroids are used for treatment.This oral steroids contains prednisolone and prenisone.For older kids prednisone is used and for younger children prednisolone is used.

Preventive Asthma Medicines:
Preventive Asthma Medicines are taken every single day which helps you to prevent ashtma attacks and symptoms.It helps you to prevent from symptoms of asthma. In this type medicines may include such as Azmacort , Pulmicort , Asmanex , Flovent HFA , Qvar , Aerobid which are corticosteroids. Leukotriene receptor antagonists such as Zyflo , Singulair and Accolate also helps to prevent asthma attacks.  A combination corticosterois such as Advair this type of medicines are also used. For children Xolair injection is used with allergic asthma.One thing keep remember that this type of medicines could not stop an asthma attack .


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