Treatment for Reducing Back Pain

February 11, 2011 by: admin

The back pain is common in most of the people which can get this prob at any age but it is most common bet the age 35 and 55 or over.Our back has interconnecting structure which includes bones , muscles , tendons , joints and legaments. The main part of back is the spine which is made up of separate bone of 24 known as vertebrae and the bones of coccyx and sacrum. The spinal cord which threads down through central canal of each vertebra carries nerves form your brain to the rest of the body. It is very difficult to find the cause of back pain but usually it is related to strain in the structure of your back .

In most cases the back pain can be treated by using self care techniques and some medication.

Self  Help:
In daily life there are number of things which can helps us to relieve low back pain.Actually bed rest increases the back pain worse , most of the people fallow this so stay active and do all activites which you can do and take the rest for minimum time.On other hand you can apply some cold or hot packs to the affected area. From pharmacies you can buy specilly planeed cold and hot packs which helps us to reduce pain.

Generally painkiller paracetamol is used for first treatment.You can also use or apply packs or creams on affected area which contains painkillers.Your GP may order some secure medicines like morphine , diazepam but this medicines can not suit for each person because it is addictive and causes some side effects.

Also you can take painkiller medicine such as Tylenol or the medicines which reduce pain , irritation and swelling which contains Advil , Motrin , Aleve or Naprosyn. Most of the people this medicines works as better by taking it regularly.

You can also take the treatment such as physiotherapy and chiropractic which can be take period of at least 6 to 12 weeks from relieving back pain .A physiotherapist treatment gives you some streching exercise. In this type of treatment involves posture advice, exercises , massage and the other technique which is called as spinal manipulation and spinal mobilization.


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