Guide to Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure Level

March 14, 2011 by: admin

For healthy life you should need to maintain a healthy blood pressure level. It plays an important role in verious organ systems such as circulatory system, kidney, brain and heart. The normal level of blood pressure as the systolic less than 140 and diastolic below the 90 and for adult systolic pressure between 90-120 whereas diastolic blood pressure between 60-80. So every person will be getting ready for taking care about your blood pressure.

–> You can assert your blood pressure level by maintaining your body weight.In our body one pound of fat contains 200miles of capillaries which are the thread like vessels and carries the blood cells to most of the tissues. Our heart may be pumped thorough this 200miles of blood vessels, so it’s become to hard. Maintaining normal weight and low fat is essential for preventing blood pressure level.

–> Your diet plan directly affects on your weight and your weight affects on blood pressure. So your diet contains foods which are low in fat or may help you to reduce your blood pressure level. First of all reduce salt from your diet, which also help you for lowering the blood pressure level. For maintaining the level of blood pressure, you should need to eat those foods which are low in fat such as Skim milk, bananas, soybeans , beans, spinach etc.

–> Avoid drinking alcohol which affects directly on the levels of blood pressure. Also you should need to stop smoking, which affects directly on the blood vessels and the arteries. It is also reduces the risk of heart attacks.


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