How to Raise Blood Pressure with Yoga

March 31, 2011 by: admin

If you have low blood pressure, yoga is best option for raising your blood pressure. There are different poses of yoga, you should need to start yoga very slowly and gently. There are mainly two type of yoga which works better for raising your blood pressure.  The  back bends and twist types of yoga helps you for stimulating your kidneys and increase the pressure in your head.

Back Bend:
In back bend type of yoga consist of Sphinx, upward facing dog and cobra , all of those poses helps you for raising your blood pressure. These poses requires back bends while you lie face-down on the ground. The Bow pose is also useful, for this pose you should need to keep balancing on your stomach and then lift your upper body and legs , after that grab your ankles behind your back. For Camel pose you should need to bend in backward direction as you are balanced on your lower knees and legs.

This type of yoga helps you for elevating your blood pressure and it includes two type of twist one is Bharadvaja’s and Marichyasana I. For Bharadvaja twist, you should need to sit on the floor with folded legs to left side and twist to right as you can clench your left elbow with opposite hand behind you. And for Marichyasana I twist, you should need to just seat forward with bending one leg extended while other leg bent and claspe you hands behind your back.


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