How Yoga is Helpful for Lowering High Blood Pressure

May 15, 2011 by: admin

In the modern generation, many people have high blood pressure problem. The high blood pressure have dangerous effects and sometimes it also result in sudden death. To keep your blood pressure in normal level, you should need to do any physical exercises daily. Also yoga is best option for keeping your blood pressure at normal level. To control your blood pressure , yoga helps you to for keeping relax and calm. Do the yoga breathing exercises.

It helps for starightening spine , keeping your mind calm , slow down your metabolism. It is relaxation pose which is intended for meditation.

This asana is helpful for maintaining your stress and also it improves the circulation via the core and spine. It helps you for stimulating spinal fluid and digestive system.

Ardha Matsyendrasana:
This type of yoga is good for your kidney, liver and also adrenal glands. It also tones the ligaments and spinal nerves. This is also helpful for improving digestive system.

This type of yoga mainly works on your digestive system and also helps for exhibiting the extra gas which is present in your stomach. It also streach and tone your lower back.


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