Treating High Blood Pressure with Natural Remedies

February 7, 2011 by: admin

Some natural remedies may helps us to control high BP. The high blood presure may increase risk of strock , kidney disease , heart attack , visson loss etc

Yoga may also helps you for lowering the level of blood pressure.

Diet may play an important role in reducing high blood pressure. The DASH diet is promoted by NIH which includes beans and nuts , fruits and vegetables , low fat dairy foods and also 2400mg sodium is also needed.The DASH diet helps us to reduce high blood preseure within two weeks.

Autogenic Training:
For relaxation and reduction of stress this technique is used which is trained by a teacher and helps us to learn how we control blood presure , body temp , breathing , heart rate etc.This technique requires regular practice.

Calcium , Potassium and Magnesium
1.Calcium supplement helps us a significant reduction in systolic blood pressure.
2.Potassium supplement helps us a non-significant reduction in systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure.
3.Magnesium supplement did not have a significant reduction in systolic blood pressure but it have significant reduction in diastolic blood pressure.

Aerobic Exercise:
To lower high blood pressure this is an essential part of the natural approach.It reduces 4.6mmhg of systolic blood pressure with corresponding lowering in diastolic blood pressure.

This technique learns us how to gain control over process of internal body which is occur involuntarily such as , skin temperature , heart rate , blood pressure etc.


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