Guide on Diagnosis of Brain Cancer

March 30, 2011 by: admin

Actually the diagnosis of brain cancer is depends on the type of brain cancer.The primary brain cancer is originated in the brain while the secondary brain cancer start from the other part of the body but it has spread towards the brain.For confirmation of the diagnosis an assortment of tests can be performed such as neurological exam, biopsies and imaging tests:

Neurological Exam:
The neurological exam is a physical exam which is done by neurologist. He or She will check the co-ordination, vision, hearing, reflexes and balance.

CT Scan:

The Computed Axial Tomography is the imaging test. In this test the computer and X-rays are used for seeing the images of the brain in different angles. The CT scan test is useful for identifying the type of tumor.

The Magnetic Resonance Imaging is also imaging test, it is common for the dignosis of the brain cancer. In this test , the detailed images of the brain at various angle is produces with the helps of electromagnetic energy. These images clearifies the bleeding and swelling of the brain. For improving the direct contrast between normal and abnormal tissue, sometimes a dye may be injected.

PET Scan:
The Positron Emission Tomography scan produces the images of chemical and physical changes in the brain. The images is produced  due to injection of rediopharmaceutical substance in the brain cells. With the help of exact concentration of the substances, the brain activity can be determined and then feed into the computer for producing an image.

This is next step of imaging test. With imaging test the location and type of tumor is identified. In this test the careful examination of tissue of the brain is takes place. During this test,  the small pieces of brain tissue is surgically removed and for the examination it will be sent to the lab of the pathologist. In the lab the cells of tissue will be seen under the microscope and identify the type of tumor and how advanced the brain cancer.

The Angiogram test is able to identify the blood vessels which is supplying the brain tumor. In this test a dye is interposed in the arteries which feed the brain and makes it visible on the X-ray.


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