Know about Various Types of Cancer

February 13, 2011 by: admin

Cancer is compared with the grip of carbs on its prey. It forms an abnormal mass of cell which is called as tumour  or neoplasm. It produces the cells which are immortal as long as they are in the body.

Various Types of Cancers

1. Carcinomas:
In this type of cancer the cancer tumours that arise from epithelial tissues that cover the body organs. It is ectodermal and endodermal in origin.For example : The solid tumours of skin , colon , stomach , pancreas , liver, lungs, breast, cervix, kidney etc.

2. Leukemias:
It develops from the cells of blood , lymph and bone marrow.In this type there is an excessive production of all types of WBCs at he expence of the RBCs.For example- Acute myeloid leukemia , acute lymphatic leukemia etc

3. Sarcomas:

This type of cancer arises from connective tissue and mesenchymal cells.Lipoma tumours develop from the adipose or fatty tissues.For example: Cancers of cartilage,bone tumour , muscle tumour , fibroblasts etc.

4. Lymphomas:
This type of cancers arises from lymphatic tissues. In this type , there is an excessive production of lymphocytes by the spleen and lymph nodes. It is named after Thomas Hodgkin who was British Physician. It appears in lymph nodes , spleen and reticuloendothelial tissues. Reticuloendothelial tissues is mononuclear phagocytic system of macrophages and monocytes that serve as phagocytes. For example- Hodgkin’s disease begins in lymph nodes of arm pit and neck leading to night , sweats loss of appetite , weight loss.


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