Guide on High Cholesterol and How it effects on Human Body

March 31, 2011 by: admin

The hypercholesterolmia or high cholesterol is very dangerous for your health. It is the condition , more quantity of cholesterol builds up in the blood.  The cholesterol is nothing but a wax like substance, which is found in the blood and fat of the body. It is natural compound of our body and play an essential role in our body. It helps us for maintaining the healthy structures of the cells.

If it becomes high in quantity, it affects on our body or it is very dangerous for our body. Due to high level of cholesterol , the fatty deposits are stuck in blood vessels. The high cholesterol can build in the wall of the blood vessels which causes narrowing of arteries.

Due to narrowing of arteries , the blood flow decrease towards the heart and brain. The decrease in oxygen-rich blood flow towards heart is result in coronary heart disease. The lack of blood flow towards the brain can results in the stroke while  towards heart can results in heart attack or heart disease.

The high cholesterol can be prevented and treated with the help of regular exercise, healthy diet and also taking some cholesterol medicines which is given by your doctor.


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