Treatment for High Cholesterol

February 4, 2011 by: admin

Cholesterol is nothing but a fat like substance which is naturally present in cells walls of brain , liver , heart, nerves , muscles , skin etc. To produce many hormones , bile acids and vitamin D our body uses cholesterol which helps us to digest fat of our body. High cholesterol may be results in chances of having heart attack.

You can treat high cholesterol with two options
1.By changing your Lifestyle
2.By using Medicines

By changing your Lifestyle:
1. To reduce your cholesterol you chould need to eat low cholesterol diet which cuts back on saturated fat also you need to allow good fat such as canola and olive oils.
2. Lose your weight if you are overweighted , it helps to lower your cholesterol as well as blood presure.If you are overweightd you should hav high LDL and low HDL.
3. Stop smoking if you are smoker which helps you to increase in HDL.
4. Exercise may also help to reduce cholestrol , it helps us to raise your HDL. Due to exercie you should maintain your weight or lose your weight if you need to.

By using Medicines:
Many people try frist option but if changes in lifestyle are not enought then you should need to take medicine too.
1. In many cases , you will try the first drug i.e Statin.It is used for blocking the effects of an enzyme which helps you to make cholesterol. It can   lower the bad LDL cholesterol by 20 to 55% and also give mild boost to your HDL.
2. Fibric Acid like Tricor , Atromid , Antara etc medicines are also helps you to reduce your triglycerides and also give good cholesterol.
3. Bile Acid reains like Welchol , Prevalite , Lo-Cholest etc medicines are helps you to lower LDL by 15 to 30%.


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