Top 2 Causes of Toothaches and Its Treatment

February 17, 2011 by: admin

1. Gum Disease:
It is also common cause of toothache which refers to abnormal loss of bone and inflaming of soft tissue.This disease caused by specific bacteria in plaque , which is mixture of bacteria , food and saliva. The early symptom of this disease is gum bleeding without nay pain and for more advanced gum disease the symptoms is pain around the teeth which leads to formation of deep gum pockets.In these pockets bacteria is present which causes gum swelling ,infection , pain.

The treatment for gum disease contains removal of bacterial tartar and plaque and oral hygiene.For the advanced gum disease includes cleaning of teeth roots and teeth which is called as Subgingival and Scaling and root planning. Scaling and root planning refers removal of bacterial tartar and plaque from tooth roots while subgingival is the removal of surface which is inflamed by the payer of gum tissue.

2. Dental Abscess and Cavities:
Dental cavity is most of the common causes of toothache. It is nothing but a hole in two layers (i.e enamel and dentin) of the tooth.The outer most layer is enamel which has white hard surface while the dentin is yellow layer which is just below the enamel.The tooth tissue which is located at inner portion is protected by these two layers. Presented bacteria in mouth converts the sugar into acids , it dissolves the dentin and enamel then cavities may be created. Small cavities may neglected by patient and it does not cause pain while the larger cavities causes lots of pain and also it collects food debris.

For small cavities the treatment includes dental filling while the larger cavities treatment includes  onlay. The treatment for cavities has injured to the tooth which is infected and also penetrated. In root canal procedure removal of dying tissue is takes place and after that it is replaced by inert filling material, once it is done the the tooth becomes more prostrate to fracture


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