Menopause with Hot Flashes May Reduce The Risk of Heart Attacks

February 27, 2011 by: admin

The US studies suggests, the hot flashes during the menopause helps you for lowering the risk of heart disease. The night sweats and hot flashes have a great advantage of heart health. It helps to protect women’s health from heart stroke and disease.

From the previous study the hot flashes had the strongest risk factors for heart health, these hot flashes and night sweats signifies in response to hormonal changes an instability of the blood vessels closes to the skin which have elevated blood pressure , high cholesterol and also it increases the hardening of their arteries. All of them are linked to the cardiovascular disease, so the women with symptoms of menopause may have greater risk of heart strokes.

Doctor uses the drugs which contains progestin and hormones estrogen for the treating the symptoms of menopause which does not have risk of arising  heart problems or cancers. Women’s experienced the menopause at 50 to 79 age. The study shows that around the time of menopause the women with worst night sweats and hot flashes may had 17 percent lower risk of dying (risk of stroke) and 11 percent lower risk of heart related health.


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